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#310 Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird

Critically Endangered

These are about 3½ inches long. Their biggest threat is habitat loss. The last survey done apparently did not do a census of the population, so I don't know how accurate the information really is. They estimate there is a maximum of 400 of them, including young, but there could be as few as 70. It is said the numbers have declined up to 50% in the 12 years before they did the survey in 2016. So, their numbers could be worse, could be better, but I have no clue. They are only found in one small area of Columbia.

We have a sign that says "no soliciting" right by the doorbell. People don't seem to care about it though, which is a huge pet peeve for me. There is a reason we don't want soliciting. Our poor blind dog will try quickly to get to the door, and can hurt himself running into something. I've thought about getting one of the signs I've seen where it says that you have everything you need, and if they still insist on ringing your bell or knocking, you charge $15.00 an hour, first hour payable in advance. The person today came and didn't just knock, he pounded on the door rather aggressively. I was rather thrown, it was certainly not polite knocking, it wasn't even like the enthusiastic knocking my dad does. Thankfully, our blind dog was upstairs getting a bath. He's been itchy and we got a new shampoo that hopefully will help. The other dog, who hates strangers because she is sure they will all try to kill her family, was barking at the door but stopped quickly. I opened the door, saw him standing there with a clipboard. I asked him if he was soliciting in spite of our no-soliciting sign being right there. He said "umm", looked at his clipboard as if our name was specifically there and he was hoping for support. I said we didn't want anything and closed the door. I am always worried someone will find me rude, except for when it comes to soliciting. If we were a normal family he would have been interrupting dinner time too! I know they are just out there doing their job, and it can't be an easy one. They also should pay attention to the sign though. I was not so brusque when we didn't have the sign, but it bothers me that they blatantly disregard it so I figure they were rude first.

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