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#316 San José Brush Rabbit

Critically Endangered

These rabbits are endemic to San José Island, part of Mexico. There is no true count of their numbers, but best estimation shows their population numbers dropped by at least half between the 2008 and 2011 surveys at which point they went from Near Threatened to Critically Endangered classification. Their biggest threat, like so many other small animals, is feral cats. They also have to deal with feral goats eating their food, humans poaching them when they are supposed to be hunting the goats are a problem as well. Their potential biggest threat though is some different development possibilities that could remove their habitat in extreme ways.

I am going to make this a short post. I'm not feeling terribly well today. I was in bed much of yesterday because of my neck, but I think I've got a cold as well. Before Covid, I used to get bronchitis a minimum of 4 times a year. I would say I generally had a cough almost half of the year. I haven't had bronchitis since everyone has been wearing masks, but I've never had a good immune system, and would catch things going around my kids' school, even when they didn't get sick with it. I have joked that I am a sort of a germ rescue. I take the germs that nobody else wants and I give them a lovely home and help them flourish. Thankfully the rest of my family almost never gets sick from me, just the other way around.

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