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#317 Negros Bleeding-heart

Critically Endangered

There are thought to be fewer than 400 of these left in total. That 400 is spread out on two islands too, the Island of Negros and the Island of Panay, which are part of the Philippines. Unfortunately there may even be fewer than 100 total. These can fly, but primarily live on the ground, though they roost in the trees or bushes. They need forests, but according to the report on the IUCN, "just 4% of any type of forest cover remained in 1988", and what is left is still in danger of being removed. These birds are also still hunted. They do occur in a protected area, but there is no plan in place to help with their recovery.

Ugh, I have to take back 2 pads of the paper I use for these paintings. One of them I did not realize has just barely bent corners on one side. It isn't that noticeable, but it is damage and so not acceptable. Most likely someone dropped it in the store and put it back. The other pad though, it is really weird. The paper feels thinner, it is a smidge smaller, and when I tried to do my painting yesterday I had just put a little bit of water on it and it started getting ruined, essentially falling apart. I am ok when maybe one piece of paper every few pads has trouble. There are only 12 sheets per pad, so if I had a bad sheet every pad I would have been using something different. I use the bad ones for mixing colour on like when I want to do whiskers (JUST realized I did not do whiskers on yesterday's bunny), so I always need a spare piece of paper that won't be used for one of the paintings. Having a whole pad of it be unusable though, is not something I'm alright with. I don't know if I have the receipt though, so wish me luck. There are still enough paintings I need to do that I will require more than only these. You never know how a store will handle returns though, and I always hate having to take something back. I am definitely more the type who would rather not send food back in restaurants and taking things back to stores makes me uncomfortable too. I don't want people to feel bad that I did not like something about their product or even worse...them personally. When we were shopping for homes, if the owners were there I always would make sure I said complimentary things about the home even if I could tell just upon walking in that it was horrible. I would tell our realtor (a family friend) my real opinion only when we left. One of the houses I remember was so weird. The worst thing about it was the bedrooms. The master bedroom was up one set of normal, albeit dark, narrow, and steep stairs. The bedrooms that would be the kids' rooms (at the time I was pregnant and we had a 2 1/2 year old) were up a set of winding metal stairs that did not have a railing, and went right next to the wood stove. If a kid fell off the stairs they would either fall directly to a tile floor or onto the wood stove, probably hitting the metal stairs on the way down. It was absolutely insane and so unsafe. I couldn't imagine having young kids and having to run up those stairs to get an unhappy toddler or being fine with them walking up and down those stairs. The whole house was pretty close to falling apart too.

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