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#324 Hill's Horseshoe Bat

Critically Endangered

There are not any pictures of these, they have only ever been seen twice. The first time was in 1964 and the other back in 1981. Because there are no pictures I looked at all of the other horseshoe bat species I could find pictures of. There is a large variety of them. Some have much smaller horseshoes and you can see their muzzle, but these the description said their muzzle is covered. I opted to show their bottom lip and chin at least. For me I found the written description not incredibly helpful in some ways, confusing in others. For instance, most of the horseshoe bats have fairly similar sella (part of their nose), and on this one it is described as being spoon shaped. Not a single other one that I saw looked spoon shaped to me, and I'm not exactly how it would work that way, but I have tried to make what the written description said show up in this painting while looking at other bats it is related to. I am sure it is very different from what it should be, but this is the bat my son wanted me to paint and I could not find information in order to contact someone who might have seen them. Because only two have ever been seen, and nothing was mentioned about them being collected even, so I do not know if there are preserved specimens anywhere, there is really no information about these. They do not even know if they roost in trees or caves. They only know they were both seen in one small area of Rwanda.

For my son's birthday we had Thai food from our favourite Thai restaurant. They do a good job of handling gluten free food even though it is not a 100% gluten free place. Being in Oregon we have a lot more celiac friendly restaurants than most places do at least in the big cities. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, a couple of the absolutely amazing places have had to close permanently. I got panang curry, which is my absolute favourite curry. My husband got Khao soi, not knowing that I had planned on making that already this week. My youngest got Pad Thai, though he is usually my adventurous one. My oldest got drunken noodles. I am honestly very pasty white, burn in 5 minutes, but I think I cook Asian food more than I do any other type of food. I had a Japanese roommate in my first apartment and she and I would go through rice daily while our other two roommates would eat take-away mostly. One of my best friends is half Korean. I am desperately hoping her mother will eventually take pity on me and give me her kimchee recipe, it is absolutely the best I have ever tried. I have tried every kind of kimchee I can find, and truly her's is the most amazing one I've had. She puts more ginger in than the other types I've had, and ginger is fantastic. I started to make so much Asian food after my celiac diagnosis because when I was first diagnosed, I couldn't really find any safe restaurants. Before my diagnosis those were the restaurants I would go to. Since I couldn't eat my favourite foods made in the restaurants by those who actually know what they are doing, I figured out how to make a passable version of what I missed the most. I will say, there are some foods (not all Asian) that I miss very much and cannot make. Baklava is the first thing that pops into my head. I went to a small Greek deli near where I worked long ago, and the lovely man who owned the place made it fresh every day. I don't even like walnuts, but it truly was incredible. Probably part of why it was so amazing was the man who made it.

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