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#327 Roti Snake-necked Turtle

Critically Endangered

I have a new favourite turtle now. Honestly, these do look as if they are a cartoon almost. They seem so happy about life too. I almost feel as if I have to include photos of the real turtles just to prove that they do look like this, but since I have not taken any pictures of them I do not have any to share. They are endemic to Rote Island, Indonesia. Their biggest threat is absolutely collection for pet trade. Though much of their original habitat has been altered for agriculture, they seem to be able to tolerate the changes. They won't use murky water, but as long as there is some clear water they seem to be able to survive the changes. Because of the pet trade though, they have now been called commercially and ecologically extinct. There have not been enough surveys done yet to classify them as extinct in the wild. Their shell can be up to almost 9½ inches, and their neck can be almost as long as their shell is too! They cannot pull their head back into their shell in the way you think of for most turtles. Instead, they sort of wrap their neck sideways along the front of their shell.

Going to clean out and organize our upright freezer now. It is one of the reasons I want to have a generator. I do not relish the idea of losing all the fruit we've frozen, and other things out there. I like to have quick easy meals in there for my kids and husband to use in case I'm having serious neck problems or seizures and cannot make dinner for them. It helps them to feel more independent. Well, my husband is a great cook, but he also works hard and I want things to be easier for him than having to look at a bunch of ingredients and come up with something on his own. If there is stuff that just needs heating up, it is better for everyone. My kids have both taken cooking classes at school, and I've made them help me cook often enough that they can manage on their own, but they are not as good at making things without input on what to cook. So, for instance, when they are making nachos I will tell them what they need to do, but they can do all the work themselves. I really need to make a cookbook for both of them. I plan to do it before they move out at the very least. They should be able to fend for themselves and make their favourite meals on their own. I don't use recipes and when I cook it is always "this seems about right" when measuring, so that will be about what my cookbook is going to be for the boys.

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