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#334 Lord Howe Gerygone


These have not been seen since 1928. Lord Howe Island is off the east coast of Australia in the Tasman Sea. in 1918 the ship SS Makambo wrecked off the island. Thankfully only one passenger was killed. Unfortunately though, the black rats on the ship escaped and reached the island. Once they reached land they caused the extinction of not just this bird, but quite a few animals, plus they ate local's crops and their one export product. The bird was about 5 inches long, and ate small insects as well as spiders.

There are only 32 days left of these paintings. I absolutely do plan to continue, you should see my list of animals I want to end up painting. Every day when I'm trying to decide which one I want to do, instead of my list getting smaller there are usually a few more added in. I plan to take a little time off though first, at least a week. I want to spend time with the kids especially once school is over for my youngest. I like the idea of starting on the first of a month, instead of a random day like I did initially. Depending on if I'm prepared to start up with oil paintings at the first, I may end up waiting a month. I could end up actually using June to try and focus on fundraising, getting things framed, and possibly starting up art shows. That would be the most I'd take off though. I'm thinking about trying to do a miniature oil painting daily, smaller even than what I have been doing with these, and then working on a larger one that will be a weekly painting. See, I still haven't gotten that figured out in my head yet, which I should at least get closer to deciding on before I start the second phase of this.

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