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#346 Siamese Crocodile

Critically Endangered

It is unknown how many of these still remain in the wild. There are more than 700,000 in a captive breeding facility for the purpose of supplying crocodile skins. In the wild there are several locations in Southeast Asia that these can be found, but the most in any one place is 55-60. More typically there will only be a handful and in some places there is only one. One of their threats is hybridization, which obviously does not result in more Siamese Crocodiles, but also makes them larger and more aggressive. These are usually about 9-10 feet but the biggest males can get to be around 13 feet. Unlike the hybridized ones, these almost never attack humans, of the 4 confirmed attacks 3 were known to be defensive and one is unknown the motive. The attacks were not fatal though there was a 5th attack where a child was killed but it is not even known it was due to this species. They do not look at humans as food because they mostly eat fish and snakes.

I got a call today and was able to go in to try again with getting glasses. It was kind of funny to me, they did not have the 2 frames I'd chosen just last week, so I had to pick 2 other frames. I think I like both of them more though, so that is nice. I really wanted one of the frames they had. Every time I looked at the inside of the frame it made me happy, but then when I put them on it didn't. The inside was a beautiful sea glass sort of colour, for some reason the outside was almost as if you took that pretty colour and painted a thin layer of dirt over it. The inside was wonderfully cheerful and the outside was sort of sad. Because I am doing progressives and don't need the 2 glasses with one for distance and one for close, I am able to get a pair of sunglasses and a pair without the tint. It was actually even cheaper this time because for some reason I really appreciate, the progressive lenses are covered more than regular lenses. Maybe they feel pity for us? In case you are curious and know how to read these...I'm sharing what my glasses prescription looks like. I have a vague idea what the different things mean, but really all it means to me is that I have bad eyes. Ok, enough from me about my eyes, though I will probably share a picture of my glasses once I get them and they are working. Not me in them of course, I don't do pictures of myself, but I will show you what the frames look like.

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