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#349 Conception Bank Silver Boa

Critically Endangered

A group of people from Harvard discovered these snakes back in 2015 on Conception Island, which is part of the Bahamas. They were found in silver palms, they are mainly arboreal snakes. Amazingly, though so recently discovered, they are the worlds most endangered boa with 135-150 remaining as far as I could tell. Because they are in such a small area there is serious fear that a hurricane could bring about their extinction. There are also concerns that such an unusual and beautiful snake will drive illegal pet trade. Thankfully the island is a national park and is fairly inaccessible which should offer a level of protection. They are a beautiful silvery grey with some of them more tan. They don't always but can have darker brown scales either singly or clumped together to make a larger pattern. They can be over 4 feet long. The few pictures I saw showed what looked to be a more delicate snout than many boas, and they had a sort of an overbite.

Do you have a sweet tooth or do you crave savoury foods? I was just talking to someone who was looking for sweet foods she could eat on a diet, and fruit wasn't sweet enough for her. I went completely off sugar for a while, and that really cured me of any craving of sugar even when I added it back into my diet. When I was pregnant with my first son I craved curry, with my second I craved cantaloupe. With my first it kind of shocked people because my morning sickness was not like normal morning sickness. It lasted for 5 months, but I would only throw up if I ate before noon. If I waited, until after noon, I was fine. I never got heartburn either. I was teaching in a school at the time and the other teachers were sure that eating the curry was a bad idea for me, especially on an empty stomach. It was never a problem like eating the suggested crackers first thing would have been for me though. Interestingly my oldest craves savoury foods and my youngest craves sweeter things. When I was pregnant with both I could not be around olive oil used in cooking and could also not handle the seasoning lemon-pepper. Actually, I still can't and before pregnancy I'd used both quite a lot. Now though, I will suddenly start craving food, and it is usually something I cannot eat. Artichokes, cabbage, gluten of all sorts but mostly sourdough bread, and jalapeño poppers are some of the things I often crave. I will once in a blue moon crave a very dark chocolate but usually I'm more likely to want chips. I don't remember what my mom said she craved when she was pregnant with me but I do know she couldn't stand eggs. She even saw a yellow Volkswagen bug that was egg yolk coloured, and she had to pull over to the side of the road she felt so sick.

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