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#35 Black Bearded Saki

Critically Endangered

These are from the Amazon in Brazil. Interestingly, they hold stuff with their tails as babies, but can't as adults...maybe the extreme fluff gets in the way, I have no idea. Their scientific name means hand drinker because they were seen using their hand to scoop water in order to drink...some thought it was to keep their beards dry. They live more than 18 years, pretty much just in trees. Development causing habitat fragmentation is their main threat.

I contemplated not painting these because I wasn't sure people would think this was even remotely accurate. I thought about doing a full body version of them. Not only do they look like they've never missed an arm day in their life, and probably only a few leg days if we are being honest. They have the most amazing tail though too. Still, I decided to focus on their insane hair style. I loved the idea of having it stroke that crazy beard (my mom said it reminded her of "The Thinker" statue) with his extra-hipster double man buns or whatever is going on there. I suggest looking these up so you can see just how fantastic they really are. I did not do it justice, but I still love him.

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