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#352 Himalayan Quail

Critically Endangered

While these are thought to probably be extinct, they are still classified as critically endangered. They are difficult to survey because they really do not fly unless you are flushing them and get right up close to them. It also likes to live in dense grass. They have not officially been seen since 1876 but there was at least one unconfirmed sighting in 2003. They seemed to live in small social groups. Surveys in some areas of the Himalayas in Northern India are undoubtedly not the easiest to conduct, and when you have a bird that doesn't want to cooperate and show itself willingly, it makes it even more difficult. Hunting seems to have been the main reason for their decline.

I got to go to Costco with my best friend ladybug today. It was nice to get out of the house for one thing, and to see her too. Her daughter is going to be coming home from boot camp soon. She's not done, she is on a med hold and needs to get some physical therapy done when she gets home. My bff is quite excited, as am I. I'm hoping she makes it home before my son leaves. My oldest is going to be heading out of state to do Drum Corp.. It is going to be so weird to have him away such a long time, and he will be gone over the 4th of July. I am not a fan! Well, I'm a fan of drum corp in general, and I'm a fan of my son, but it will be the longest he has been away from home. His first day at school I was all freaked out. He walked in all excited, turned to me and said "bye mommy" and headed off. I like having confident kids and I have a clingy dog, but I do kind of selfishly wish I had a little kid who didn't want to leave me. My kids have said that for self preservation I will need to foster puppies or something to keep my sanity.

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