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#356 Blue-crowned Laughingthrush

Critically Endangered

Though there are a few zoos that have these birds in captivity, there are only 300-325 of them left in the wild, with fewer than 250 mature breeding adults. They are endemic to China. There do not seem to be any protective measures in place for the wild population. The biggest threats for them are being captured for the exotic bird trade. Between 1987 and 1992 there were 400 birds trapped for pet trade, more than all that remain in the wild now. After an international ban on trading them was implemented, the collecting of them did thankfully go down some. Along with the pet trade, development of the area is continuing the population decline. Though there are a few zoos with them, they are not the easiest to convince to reproduce. One place had them for 4 years before there was even one chick. There are a lot of pictures of them in spite of the low population numbers. There is even a video of them making at least one of their calls. I am unsure why they are called a laughingthrush because they sounded closer to a pretty whistle version of someone saying "pew pew" than a laugh.

I have new glasses again now. I wore them for a little while and my eyes were getting a bit tired so I'm in my old scratched glasses for a while again today. I will wear the new ones again before bed, and when I first wake up. I'm sad, my headphones have died, and did so while in the store picking up my glasses. The cover on one side became unglued and fell off, but I wasn't using them at the moment since I was trying on my glasses and I don't know where the cover went. I have the type that doesn't go in or over your ears. They are bone conduction ones. I feel much safer when I am out on my own if I am able to hear people who might be coming up behind me. I also like that I am able to hear when someone is trying to talk to me in the store. I also like to listen for wildlife when on a walk. No, the sound won't seem as amazing as maybe a high end noise blocking pair of headphones might. Well, at least I imagine it can't sound as good, I've never had nice noise blocking headphones. I have tried the in-ear and the kind that look like you are a high tech Princess Leia. Both really end up hurting my ears in maybe 10-15 minutes is all. The bone conduction kind only start to hurt after maybe 4 hours of straight use. Only 10 more days left in the first round of this project! Can you believe that?! Pretty amazing to me.

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