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#357 Brown Red-bellied Anole

Critically Endangered

I could not find much about these little reptiles. I did see pictures of at least one preserved specimen, and a picture of a live one that I think was the correct species. They are endemic to Haiti, and do live in one protected area. They are only about an inch and a half SVL (ie., not including their fairly long tail). I did find a written description which said the females have a green ventral side and the males a reddish yellow, but both have blue eyes. Their population numbers are not actually known. It is really just assumed that they are on the decline because so much of their habitat has been destroyed to make way for coffee plantations, livestock, and other farming.

Allergies, I could certainly do without them. I love the look of cottonwood fluffle, which is actually the female seeds and supposedly not an allergen. Something that blooms at the same time, if it isn't cottonwood, is not a friend of mine. I know I'm allergic to one type of grass, though I don't know what kind, and it is a contact allergy. I'm allergic to sheep, but I think that would be more if I was to be hanging out with them and hugging them a lot. At the time, I don't know what else I was tested for at the time other than all the bitey stingy insects, and we found out I am allergic to all of them. You can develop allergies later in life, which honestly I think is the case here. I never had the typical allergy when I was young. It was probably not until about 10 years ago that I started having trouble. It is making it difficult to wear my new glasses today though because I already have a headache from the allergies, and the glasses still don't really agree with me (have to wear my old ones for painting as well as posting). It is kind of funny to me when I talk because my ears are stuffy or something, my voice sounds like it is reverberating in my head. I bet if I sang right now I'd think I sounded great whether I did or not.

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