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#36 Pygmy or Cozumel Raccoon

Critically Endangered

Yes, there is a critically endangered species of raccoon. They are not quite 9 pounds for the larger males. A "regular" raccoon can easily get up to 20 or even 35 pounds. The largest raccoon on record weighed 50 pounds! Along with being so much smaller the Cozumel pygmy raccoon has a rounder muzzle and their canines are noticeably shorter than other species of raccoons. They also have shorter fur, and their tail is more of a golden red than the rest of their body. Their biggest threats on Cozumel Island, where they are endemic, are feral cats (again, another creature at threat from cats), development for tourists, feral dogs, and hurricanes. There is almost no protected area for them, and only a population of around 250-300, possibly less than 200 mature adults.

I have a friend I refer to as "my wrong text friend". He is the same age as my dad. His wife was in hospice because of lung cancer and texted me accidentally instead of her nephew I think it was. I responded to the text to let her know she did not mean to text me. What she said in passing just made me feel I needed to text her the next day to see how she was feeling. That ended up with her and I becoming friends. When she passed away, her husband and I became friends and now I consider him family even though we've never met in person. That whole long story was just because he's the only person I personally know who has had a pet raccoon, its name was Rascal. He also had a pet snapping turtle and a bunch of other amazing pets. He doesn't live in Oregon, he lives in Pennsylvania. Some day I will get to visit him. You can find amazing friends everywhere if you are willing to put the effort into getting to know someone.

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