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#362 Four-eyed Turtle

Critically Endangered

This is a fairly small turtle, with the largest females reaching about a 6 inch carapace length. They are considered water turtles and are good swimmers but prefer walking on the bottom usually. The biggest threat to this species is the desire for their shells to use in traditional medicine. They are not the easiest for captive breeding programs either. One research paper I saw was about a study attempting to make a captive breeding program more successful. They found that reducing stress and injecting them with a hormone treatment helped. That ended up with 84 eggs (it seems there weren't even eggs being laid before), though only 9 of those hatched. The turtle is found in China, Laos, and Vietnam.

Yay, I don't actually have to leave the house by 5 at the latest. The Drum Corp group said that my son could get there later because of the long drive. I can get up at my normal time when the dog wakes me up and be fine. That is still earlier than I'd like, but I'm going to try getting to sleep pretty soon now. I am going to take some melatonin and see if that helps. We got take-out from our favourite Thai restaurant for Father's Day. It was crazy busy. Seriously, we got there and they said they were so backed up they could not even take any more orders for another hour. We went to the store and took our time wandering around for an hour. When we got back we decided to call in the order and hang out in the car chatting while we waited. At first they said that we'd have to call back again in an hour, but when I told them that we'd been told to call back at this time they went ahead and took our order. Then the food was ready in maybe 45 minutes. I have never been there or ordered take-out from there and had to come back before they would even take our order. Honestly, I am thrilled! It means they were really popular today and hopefully when the state finally opens up again they will be doing well. So many of the "safe for celiac" restaurants seem to have had to close during the pandemic. I am quite happy to see a restaurant I feel comfortable getting food from that is so busy they cannot even take our order.

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