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#37 Blue-billed Curassow

Critically Endangered

These birds are found only in Columbia. The threats to them are hunting, loss of habitat due to cattle ranches, mining, and human expansion. I have seen numbers from 250 to almost 2000 as how many are remaining. It is considered to be a bird that is one fo the closest to extinction of all the birds in the Americas. They are related to turkeys, are ground dwelling, and I think look almost like striking black turkeys trying out Prince's hairstyle. There are measures being taken finally to hopefully rescue these cool birds from extinction with penalties for hunting them and a captive breeding program.

Painting something that is a pure black but you want to show depth with is difficult. I enjoy it though because you get to have a lot of colours instead of just one. I really love adding the purples and blues to show detail. I may wear black more than any colour, but that is because it doesn't show stains well, and I am a stain magnet. It is like with photography too, I absolutely love doing black and white film, but I am so drawn to colours I can't keep from doing colour photography too.

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