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#40 Waved Albatros

Critically Endangered

These are a medium size albatross, but the largest bird in Galapagos with a whopping 7-8' wingspan. Males are killed more often than females by longline fishing, which has been disrupting the ratio of male and female, and overfishing doesn't help either. They mate for life and the females only lay one egg every year. Though Albatross have many predators, most of them prey on the eggs and chicks. Some colonies have failed after goats that eat vegetation from their nesting areas have been removed, meaning their nesting sites are choked out. They are in flight January through March and then always return to the same nesting space. Albatross live for at least 40 years

Whenever I say the word Albatross I hear it in my head in Robin William's voice from the Christmas TV special A Wish for Wings That Work when he voiced the Kiwi. If you haven't seen that, it is really cute and you will know why it makes me giggle. Be warned though, you may start to hear Albatross as "an Aaaalbatroosss" from now on.

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