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#43 Red-Crowned Roofed Turtle

Critically Endangered

Another from the red series.

This happy looking turtle is poached for meat, their shells, they drown in fishing gear, they struggle with pollution, loss of habitat, and animals like jackals who steal their eggs. It is native to India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, but only has one viable population in India, and it is under threat. They are being bred in captivity to reintroduce so hopefully they will not go extinct. I don't usually think of turtles as being colourful, but these, during the rainy season, really are.

I ran track in high school, but I was pretty much a turtle on the track. I loved running, but I'm only really good at going slowly. I can't jump either, guarding the net in volleyball is not for me. I wasn't going to run track my senior year because I was doing so much other stuff, and I'd done soccer (the only girl in the whole league) and cheer-leading already. Before the second to last race of the season though, the coach approached me. Apparently the team had lost a member due to grades or something. One of the girls on the relay team was devastated because that meant there were only 3 girls and no way to do the relay. She wanted to go to state in relay. I knew I was just a place filler, but I was good and solid at the hand-off even if I had to just amble along and the fast girls had to make up the speed. I enjoyed it though. I can run for a long time, just don't expect me to run quickly.

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