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#46 Pygmy Three-toed Sloth

Critically Endangered

This sloth is endemic to a small island off Panama. There isn't much protection in place for them. They are the smallest of the three-toed sloths. They weren't even recognized as a separate species until 2001. It is uncertain how many are left, but it is assumed it is very low numbers. They mostly live in mangroves, which account for less than 3% of the island. They are fantastic swimmers actually, able to swim must faster than they move on land. They really are pretty small, from not quite 5 ½ pounds to about 8.

Thought I'd share another "in progress" version. the only difference between the two versions is the top one has had water added to it. As you can see, the black may not look very black when I first draw with it, but when you add water it makes all the colours more intense, but especially the black. The photographs do not show things accurately since I'm just using my phone. If I ever end up being able to do a show, I will probably go through and photograph them all better. If I decide to make postcards and things to sell once the project is done, I will do it with more accurate photographs or scans. I am not doing this for money or notoriety though, so getting the pictures out quickly every day is what I'm focused on.

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