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#53 Visayan Warty Pig

Critically Endangered

These pigs live in the Philippines but are extinct in 95-98% of their habitat. They weren't a recognized species until 1993 and not much is known about them. They are not that big as pigs go, generally 50-85 pounds is all. Hunting (they are considered pests), loss of habitat, and interbreeding with domestic pigs is what is causing their endangerment. They live up to 15 years. I think they are probably the cutest ugly warty pigs out there. They really do have fabulous hair too. I just saw so much personality in them so I had to magnify it with the tongue out.

I have pretty crazy hair too. It is naturally curly, with a mind of its own. Some days it does ringlets, some days it prefers frizz, some days it seems to be a grab-bag of randomness. I had mostly red hair in college, though it seemed as if it would change with my mood. People asked me when I had dyed my hair. Once I decided to start dying my hair, nobody thought I did. Then I went with fun colours, and I always tell people that it is my natural colour to see their reaction. I've had pink or purple...usually since about 2008 now. I figure that I don't have a dress code as an artist, and my kids like how it makes me easy to spot in a crowd. Breast cancer runs in our family so that's why I usually have pink. Purple is the epilepsy colour, and since I have epilepsy that is why I do purple too. I lost a ton of hair with one seizure medication, and had to wear a wig. Now, I figure hair is like an accessory. It is temporary, you might as well have fun and express yourself with it.

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