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#56 Black-breasted Puffleg

Critically Endangered

This kind of hummingbird lives where over 35% of hummingbirds are from, in Ecuador. They live at high altitudes but their habitat continues to diminish. There are thought to be only about 250 left. The babies are fed regurgitated insects. The females can catch 2,000 insects a day! When they are adults, like other hummingbirds, they live on nectar. They often visit 2,500 or more flowers a day and are essential pollinators for the higher altitudes. They are only about 3 ½ inches long. Thankfully there is some effort to save them, such as planting hummingbird friendly flowers. Yes, they do look like they are wearing bloomers, which I absolutely love!

I love Halloween because I love to play dress-up, and as an adult who doesn't go to parties, it is pretty much my only excuse to wear costumes that doesn't have people looking at me with great concern. I made a costume with bloomers one year. I was "Evil Bo Peep", and it was a ton of fun. I did the complete traditional Bo Peep costume. I curled my hair into big ringlets and had a big purple bow in my hair. I had a scythe instead of a shepherd's crook, but had a big bow on that too. Then, to top everything off, I took the head off a Precious Moments sheep, made it look like it had a bloody spinal column, and turned it into a purse. I really enjoy taking something and warping it a little to make it funny or in this case, disturbing. I'm actually very harmless, can't handle watching scary movies or even tense ones. The most I can deal with is the Alfred Hitchcock level of scary.

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