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#66 Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher

Critically Endangered

The last from the blue mini-series

These Kingfishers are shy and live remotely so there may be (and hopefully are) more of them than has been thought. That said, they've only been recorded a few times in the wild since the 1930's. It is assumed that their limited numbers are likely in decline due to habitat and prey depletion. There isn't much information about them, that is to be expected since they are rarely seen.

I thought these, at least their face, looked a good bit like a kookaburra. I felt as if it was laughing and I hope they are laughing at people who think there aren't many of them. Some may find me silly for assigning emotions and personality to all the animals I'm painting, and that's fine. I've always been baffled by studies that are performed to find out if, for instance, dogs have emotions. We had a pair of sisters. They were beautiful golden retriever and Samoyed mixes, sort of like extra fluffy goldens or yellowish Samoyeds who like water. One of the dogs died suddenly, and the other went into mourning. She adopted a rug her sister had liked sleeping on and would carry it everywhere. She stopped eating, and we were truly worried she was going to die. My parents found a puppy, hoping that having him around would help her. He did distract her, and she survived for many more years.

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