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#68 Sunda Pangolin

Critically Endangered

Pangolin have the unfortunate title of being the most trafficked mammal. Their method of rolling into a ball when faced with danger makes them very easy to capture. Even if they tried to fight, they have no teeth so they can't bite you. They do have large claws, but they use those for digging and climbing. The Sunda Pangolin can also hold onto branches with its prehensile tail. Their diet is entirely made up of ants and termites. Though they look like a cross between an armadillo and an anteater, they are more closely related to cats and bears. They only weigh about 22 pounds.

I try not to hate anyone or anything, but I generally don't manage it with ants. I pretty much hate ants, at least when they are inside. If it was a single ant outside, I'd be fine with it. The mass numbers of them though, and when they come inside...I don't kill spiders even though they could seriously hurt me, but ants inside I tend to not show any mercy to them. I do feel guilty, but then I feel itchy all over as if I can feel myself covered in ants, and the ant has to go. Our town has a big problem with ants actually, I didn't know it and thought it was just our house that got them every year unlike every other town I've lived in. Well, my best friend moved to town, and the community board for our town that I eventually joined has proved that it isn't just us. Pretty much the town was just forest or filbert orchards before the houses went in, but maybe also a network of ant hills.

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