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#70 Yellow-headed box turtle

Critically Endangered

Continuing with the yellow theme

So many animals I am painting, I can only find a sentence or two about them. I would love to find out if there are obscure books out there that maybe would have some information in them about all these animals. Possibly books from back when there were lots of the creature. These live in China in and around hillside streams. They eat small fish, freshwater shrimp, insects, etc. They spend a lot of time in the water, but I didn't want to paint it half in and half out of water. It would probably look confusing with the composition I decided on.

I have seen costumes on pet turtles and tortoises, usually dinosaurs, but quite a few others too. I'm afraid if I had a turtle or tortoise, I'd probably make costumes for them all the time.

We don't do bandanas, and can't even do a halter on one of our dogs because he is so timid and it terrifies him. Our other dog loves when we put a bandana or ruffle type collar thing on her, she's sure she looks even more beautiful. They get dirty pretty quickly because she's rather low slung so we rarely do one. She's half corgi and half beagle but she looks like a corgi with a beagle head tacked on her. As you can see, she's got pretty stubby legs. Don't worry, none of the burners were on and she was in no danger. I got this picture only by putting peanut butter on the edge of the stove. She'd never gotten up there before, and never has again. Because of her tail and her standing up like that you can't really tell that she has a bit of the extra fluffy corgi butt. In fact it is funny, she sheds like a beagle on most of her body, but her butt sheds like a husky, huge clumps of fluff that clogs the brush and makes for not just dust bunnies, but dust elephant herds trying to develop.

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