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#74 Bali Myna

Critically Endangered

These are also known as the Bali Starling. They are the national bird of Bali, and the only endemic bird they have. They are almost extinct in the wild. They were discovered in 1912. They are poached because of their rarity, and the price for one is incredibly high. They mate for life. In 2001 there were only 6 left in the wild, but there may be nearly 100 now. The problem is, a survey only counted 15 in 2015 at which point there should have been at least 200 or more. It is assumed that poaching continues to be an extreme problem. There was actually a breeding loan program created. Every breeder has to provide a cow as collateral, and has to release 105 back into the wild, but is able to sell the rest.

These are much more elegant than the starlings we have here. I know they aren't part of the same family, but I always think of starlings as sort of an inferior miniature crow so I like them, but feel sorry for them at the same time. Ok, so I may just essentially compare all birds to the Corvidae family, particularly crows and ravens. I prefer crows to all other birds, but that doesn't mean I don't love other birds. The European robin for instance, looks as if it was drawn for Disney. I'm not sure birds should be able to be that cute in real life.

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