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#78 Northern White-cheeked Gibbon

Critically Endangered

Another in the white mini-series

The information for this one is almost identical for the Southern White-cheeked Gibbon. The white on their cheeks is a little different, but they live in Laos and Vietnam, are sexually dimorphic as well. The southern variety previously was considered a sub-species in fact rather than its own species.

I apologize if this painting looks a little sloppy or rushed. My parents went from not having to worry about the fires other than the fact that they were blocking the usual route we would take if we had to evacuate to get to being told they were at a level 3 evacuation which is a "go now" status. My dad had attempted to get gas the day before, and wasn't able to. So, he was almost on empty though it is an old Prius so doesn't use as much gas as a normal car, it still does use gas. They managed to pack their cars, mostly with my mom's paintings (she is an oil painter), and then it took them about 3 hours to drive what would have typically taken 20 minutes. My dad's car died right at a friend's home at the end of town, and they prepared to stay there.

I had started out that morning in order to drive some gas to them, but learned that you were not allowed into town, only out. So I came home and painted this. Then I decided I was going to go, no matter what. I filled up 2 things of gas, prepared to possibly have to camp at the barricade until I could get someone to take gas to my parents, and I headed out. Normally it is an hour and a half drive, it took me about 3 hours longer (including a stop to refill my tank so I wouldn't run the risk of ending up stranded with no gas either). I took a logging road that ended right by the barricade at the edge of town because I wanted to get as close as I could in the hopes they would let me in. After I explained why I was there, the lovely officer let me in and I was able to completely surprised my parents. Right after getting the gas into their cars, the power was turned off for the whole city. It was perfect timing. We made a little caravan, and drove back to my home.

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