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#84 Orange-bellied Parrot

Critically Endangered

Orange is one of my favourite colours, so that is why we get it this week.

These parrots are endemic to Australia. They aren't large, around 8 inches long is all. As of 2018 there were thought to be maybe 14 left in the wild, only 2 of which were females. At least 40 captive bred ones have been released, but I cannot find the success rate for them so I have no idea how many are in the wild now. Some of their nesting grounds are protected, but human encroachment causing loss of wintering habitat and the introduced common starling are still causing trouble for them.

I have mentioned I would never want a pet that could possibly outlive me, but I really can see why someone would love to have a parrot around. These and so many other parrots are beautiful. I remember as a kid when we would go to the beach house my great-grandpa built (he was no longer alive, we went to visit my grandparents). I would regularly see this one guy rollerskating on the boardwalk with a massive parrot on his shoulder. It was gorgeous and seemed quite happy to be touring the neighbourhood like that. I did also see a pet tiger on a chain heading into the mall with its owner as we were leaving once too. It made the whole area feel much more exotic to me than home with our mutant rats that were the most exciting of the local wildlife.

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