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#85 Purple-winged ground dove

Critically Endangered

My other favourite colour is purple, but it is a distant third and I really prefer a sort of purple-blue like cornflower.

These are listed as critically endangered, though they may well be extinct. Originally they were in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay and lived mainly near bamboo. There is no recovery plan I can find, but they do have protected areas they may possibly still be in. Their habitat is threatened by urban growth mostly.

Well, my parents were able to get home tonight. They had to follow a pilot car to pass through safely. A mobile home park outside of the town is completely gone my mom said. We are hoping to get out to their house on Saturday to help with some repairs. I may be able to take pictures while my husband drives. I am glad my parents are safe, but the destruction and loss is so heartbreaking. I am trying to keep this blog generally upbeat (that is my personality after all), in spite of the often sad subject matter I'm painting. Still, sadness will occasionally filter in if you follow me on this year long journey.

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