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#87 Hawaiian Crow

Critically Endangered

They are also known as the Alalā. This crow was extinct in the wild from 2002 until December 2016. At that point 5 males were released. Yeah, you probably see the same problem I do if you are trying to bring back a species and only release males. I'm not a scientist though. Sadly, 3 of the 5 died, so the remaining 2 were recaptured. It was determined that 2 of them were killed by their natural predator, the Hawaiian Hawk. The other one died from starvation. Almost a year later more crows were released in 2 groups (a total of 11 crows with 4 females and 7 males). Only one of those has been found dead, again due to the Hawaiian Hawk. A pair of the released crows were observed building a nest. The female did lay some eggs, but they were infertile. It does seem there is hope though! When they are juveniles they have blue eyes, which are beautiful, but I have only been painting adults so far.

I so dearly love crows. They are incredibly intelligent. They are one of the only animals (humans are the other) that understands water displacement. They hold grudges. They understand delayed satisfaction. They like to play. They will give gifts to people they like. I'm glad crows are protected and you can't keep them as pets, but I do secretly wish one would decide to keep me as a pet. I talk to them when I see them. Occasionally they will talk back. One of them actually made what I found out is a call of affection. I felt really rather blessed by that.

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