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No Art Today

I feel pretty good about what all I accomplished today. I set up a gofundme page. Now I know that many people are willing to help others and support things with no reward for doing so, I do whenever I can in fact. I never expect someone to do so for me and feel a bit odd asking for help. So, while I have that set up now, I am even more excited by what I have started getting ready. I have given up on the buy me a coffee site, their customer service just ruined the whole thing for me. So, I am going to start a Patreon up. Towards that end I ordered a sample sticker today. Tomorrow I am going to look into magnets and pins, along with some prints. I am thinking of what I could do for the different levels of supporters that I might set up. If the stickers look good, I could start a sticker of the month level, for instance and surprise people with one of my paintings as a sticker every month. I could even have an invertebrate club, mammal club, etc.. I'm pretty excited about this, because I need to earn money for framing the art and continuing the project for another year, but also because I want to have items to sell at shows. As I've said before I don't want to sell paintings right away, I want to have the impact of all the animals in the show. I still want to be able to earn money for conservation charities at the shows. Having prints, stickers, magnets, and other things would allow me to do that.

I don't think I've shared this picture before, but I might have. It is my mom. I know I've talked before about how I'm from a family with a lot of artists. These are ones my mom did while getting her MFA many years ago now. She set up some of her favourite paintings, my cousin is the girl with the hat, my 2 kids are the boys in 4 of the paintings, and I don't know who the woman she painted on the couch is. I had to take a picture of someone at work for a class, so this is what I came up with. Tomorrow I might share a picture of my great-aunt and talk about her some more. I'm exhausted today, and am going to try getting extra sleep tonight. I always say that, but following up on that is my problem.

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