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Intermission - Octopus

Charcoal Drawing

Well I am done with the charcoal drawings of my favourites, but this is not the end of my list of favourites. For instance, I love elephants, opossums, orangutans, orca, and many more. These have just been the ones that pop into my head first when asked what my favourites are.

I will try to post regularly still, but I may not have any real art to post every day. I may not even post every day. I need to do practice paintings during August to decide what sort of a feel I want the second series to be like. I can post work-in-progress pictures, and will probably do an occasional pastel or something since pastels are one of my favourite mediums. I seriously need to do some work trying to get a grant or fundraising of some sort in order to frame all the watercolours, do some shows, and be able to afford the next series in the project. Because of that, although it has become second nature for me to sit down and start doing art every single day no matter what, I may well not do art every day. It is going to be seriously uncomfortable for me though because I will feel as if I've forgotten something horribly important all day.

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