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Intermission - Wolf

Charcoal Sketch

Pretty sure I've mentioned before the fact that wolves seem to love me, and probably touched on all of these stories as well. I consider it a great honour, but I'm not quite sure why exactly they do. Yes, I did have a dog that was part wolf (low content, please don't get a hybrid, it isn't fair to them) and he was devoted to me. He was 120 pounds and would sit on my lap when we went to the vet because I gave him comfort. He needed me to be his support when he got a bath. I'd squat in front of him and he'd just press his head against my chest and deal with it while I talked to him and gave him love. When I was in high school there was a science fair. One of the families had wolves and brought a male to the fair. I think they may have been a rescue, but that may have been just my wishful thinking, it is possible they bred hybrids. Essentially, I saw the wolf, and made a direct beeline there and pretty much blocked out everything else. He didn't let other people pet him, but he seemed to adore me. I was able to pet him and talk to him for some time. When I had to leave, he tried to follow me. The owners said they'd never seen him act like that before. The only other wolves I've gotten to interact with were at the zoo. It was a mother and son, and they were almost always hiding behind the hill of their den when I showed up. There would be people howling in an attempt to get the wolves to respond or come out of hiding, and it never worked. I would take the paper map that was given to us at the entrance, scratch it on the cement wall there, and call the wolves. They'd come running up to the wall of their enclosure, all wiggles and sweet little happy squeaky whimpers. They'd put their feet up on the wall and jump around each other, talking to me until I had to leave. I think what I love about wolves so much is their intelligence, their sense of family, and just a sort of sense of soul their faces show.

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