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Intermission - Crows

Charcoal Sketch

I decided that until July 1st I would do quick charcoal sketches of my favourite animals as a break of sorts. I thought about drawing my kids too. After all, they are incredibly rare, amazing, fascinating creatures that should be protected. Still, I am sure they would roll their eyes at me if I drew them. So, this week is just about what I love, not specifically about endangered animals. This is on grey 9"x12" paper, done with charcoal and white "charcoal". Did you know there are 34 different species of crows? Also, crows are one of very few animals that understand the concept of water displacement. Humans are one of the others and I think there was one more animal, probably a primate. they also hold grudges. I am pretty sure that is why our neighbourhood didn't have any for 17 years. A family friend who lives in a different area from us was tired of the crows hanging out on his car and using it as a toilet. He got some sort of gun that can shoot just compressed air if you don't load it. I do not know what it is. I just know that he ended up pumping it up a little and firing it. He did not want to hurt any of the crows, just wanted to scare them away. He certainly did, but then when he went off to the store and when he got out of his car he got slapped in the head by a crow. They had followed him. Crows seem able to recognize cars and certainly recognize faces, and they registered their displeasure. They haven't bothered his car since. I think I'd rather have bird poo on my car and crows liking me than not have to worry about cleaning the car and have these amazing birds hate me.

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