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Intermission - Saola

Critically Endangered

So the format will change until I start up on the second round of the project. I don't know what I will do from day to day, I will try to do at least a drawing but some days if I get too distracted by trying to find grants and things, I may end up having to do a stick figure last minute! Hopefully not, but at least until July 1st I've decided I'm giving myself a definite break and not going to be stressing about doing anything really involved. This painting is one I did because I had absolutely no confidence in my ability to paint every day for the year. I decided that I would paint an extra painting, and if I couldn't paint that day at least I would have something I could post. I am still so shocked I didn't have to use it. Might as well share it though. The painting was done very early on in the project, before I had a good black and when I wasn't allowing myself to do a second layer of colour. Initially I felt that the animals do not get another chance when they are gone, so I wasn't going to give myself another chance with the paintings. Eventually I changed my mind about that. I want to portray the animals as best as I am able, and the poison frog for instance, there is no way I could have gotten that vibrant of an orange if I didn't do several layers of colour. I am thinking about doing this over again, but in oils.

This is a Saola by the way. I almost don't want to tell you anything about them since if I paint them again I will share all the information over again, but I love learning and always assume others do too, so I will just share a little about them. They were discovered in 1992 and are from Vietnam and Laos. They are related to cows but look more like antelope. They get caught in snares. Well over 25,000 snares have been removed from their territory! The snares aren't necessarily set for them, but are intended for other animals. Snares and other traps are indiscriminate though and don't care what they catch.

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