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#23 Amami Oshima Frog


Decided to do a frog week. It is sad how many frogs are endangered. If I wanted to, I am pretty sure I could do more than a whole year of only endangered frogs and toads. That wouldn't even include the critically endangered ones. These ones have been called Japan's most beautiful frog. They are endemic to Amami Island. I am unsure of the exact title, but it seems they are designated as a living national monument or national treasure. This is a good sized frog, getting to a little over 4" long, so not Bullfrog length, but much bigger than my favourite local frog, the Western Chorus Frog. Their biggest threats are habitat loss, and being hit by cars unfortunately. In my researching them I even saw a picture of a street sign telling you to drive carefully so you wouldn't kill frogs. I wish you could see this painting in real life right now, rather than the photograph. It is very lumpy-bumpy, like the frogs are.

I'm going to cut this pretty short today. I'm tired, don't feel fantastic, and think I am going to go to bed early. I need more sleep anyway. I have entirely too much to do and have been too tired to do it. I have a sketch done up now of the commission I'm working on. I'm excited. I generally don't paint or draw people, I'd rather photograph them. Animals don't get upset if they don't think your artwork looks exactly like them or doesn't show them in the best light. People are very much concerned with how they look. With photography people have to deal with the fact that yes, they probably do look like that but they still might not like to accept that. With painting, they expect you to make them look good. The pastel I will be doing is of a kid and one of my friend's miniature horses. Now kids the age he is in the painting don't tend to care what they look like whatsoever, but parents absolutely do. I just hope I make her happy, because he's an adorable kid, and her horse is beautiful.

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