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#24 Cryptic Torrenteer


I could not find much information on these frogs at all. They are from 3 areas of the Andes, in Ecuador. Their forest habitat is at risk, and like almost all frogs, it is assumed that they are at risk from the horrible fungus that is killing frogs everywhere. They are described as a robust frog. It seems there has only ever been one population survey done, and that was back in 2016. I don't know if that was shortly after they were discovered or not.

I am now going to head out to the grocery store. I really need to make up a meal plan that has maybe a whole month of meals figured out. I do a week at a time usually, but sometimes I just don't manage it. Shopping for a week at a time is great, though things like parsley doesn't like to wait a week before getting used. Food prices have gone up so much lately, I want to come up with less expensive meals and ones that for sure have leftovers so the kids and my husband can have them for lunch the next day. School starts up again soon, and I like my son to have healthier lunches than the school provides. Leftovers make for a quick and easy lunch, something you can pretty much prepare the night before so that you don't have to rush at all in the morning.

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