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#25 Silverstone's Poison Frog


Frog Week

For a poison frog, these are fairly big. The males get up to about an inch and a half, and females are a little larger. Males guard the eggs, and then when they turn into tadpoles he carries them on his back and deposits them in an area of water so they can finish their development. They have lost a lot of habitat, and due to the drug trade and growing of coca, they have faced a lot of threats. Their biggest one right now seems to be collection for the pet trade. There have been a lot of official surveys for them. Large numbers of the frogs were never found, but there have been fewer and fewer found each time. In fact, all the surveys done between 2004 and 2010 did not find any. That does not mean they aren't there any longer, and there could even be a large undiscovered population in an unknown area.

My kids are off with my sister and my parents at the beach, just for the night. They took our toothless dog but the blind one is staying home. The blind one was in a car accident with me as a puppy (uninsured motorist ran a red light and t-boned me) and has been terrified of cars ever since. It used to be one of his favourite things. He also is a mama's boy and though he loves the beach, we don't know that he would be ok with spending the night without me there with the boys. It really kind of means that I don't get to go out and have a vacation as long as he is still with us (hopefully for many years still). We might be able to manage a camping trip with him, but not while I'm doing the paintings. So, I don't expect to have a vacation for at least another year. We aren't a vacation type family because we don't have spare cash. In the almost 24 years I've been married, we have been on so few other than spending the night with family. I think I've mentioned this once before, but the number of overnight vacations we have taken together fits on one hand with fingers to spare. It is what happens when you live in a dual income sort of area, but are single income...and single income with a lot of health problems. Don't get me wrong, I'm not actually complaining. Ok, maybe a little about my health problems. I love staying home with my family, that is my favourite thing. I do like to send my husband off with the boys though occasionally because I want them to have a great relationship and I want them to be able to emulate him as much as possible.

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