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#28 Black-legged Poison Dart Frog


The only pastel in Frog Week

These frogs are not quite 2 inches long SVL but that still means they are one of the largest poison dart frogs. Done on a 9"x12" sheet, so the real frogs are nowhere near the size of this. They have been found in only 4-5 small areas in Columbia. The Chocó use them to poison their arrows. There are a lot of frogs called poison frogs, but most have never been known to kill humans. These have, though they aren't even one of the most toxic of the frogs. They get their toxicity from the food they eat, so in captivity they are not toxic. Though they are popular as pets, over-collection is not one of their threats, and exporting them has been illegal for many years. Thankfully, they are apparently easy to keep and breed as pets. The males not only cart their tadpoles on their backs to puddles, they also put a lot of effort into protecting the tadpoles and making sure they have food until they turn into froglets and are able to fend for themselves.

Honestly, this is the second version I have done of this frog. I did one before this one, and absolutely hated it. It had arms that were too long, and I felt it looked more like it was waiting to be frisked than it was trying to climb. I could have "fixed" things with an oil painting, but pastels don't erase well. This one looks much more natural, and closer to the actual frog so I feel so better about it.

I went and got groceries today. Because the oil paintings an take longer for me to do, I have been trying to do our main shopping on the weekends. Today was for specific stuff for with camping, and tomorrow we may get some more stuff. I am a bit worried though, it seems Costco thinks there is going to be another hoarding run on toilet paper or maybe there is a slow-down in production like there was with lumber. The last time I was at Costco they didn't have any toilet paper and now they have it as buy 1 package. I'm fine with that, I just needed one, but I worry that people will panic buy. Seriously, there are other things you can do if you run out of toilet paper. I think my biggest worry is that people will take it to the extreme like at the beginning of lock-down. It wasn't just toilet paper, it seemed like everything that people thought of as either shelf stable or a "can't live without", they were loading up on like crazy. I remember at the beginning of this seeing someone with a cart almost completely full of beef. Another person had obviously never thought of being prepared ahead of time for emergencies and thought that after a pandemic has started was a great time to start thinking about it. I'm thinking about this now, because a dog rescue I follow is right in the path of the hurricane, and my "Wrong Text Friend" has a niece who has evacuated the area. I've mentioned it before, but it is truly so important. Know what dangers are possible in your area, and please be prepared for them before they happen. It isn't about hoarding toilet paper, it isn't about having a bunker in your backyard, it is about making sure that you don't need to panic if something does happen.

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