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#5 Gooty Sapphire Tarantula

Critically Endangered

This is a weird situation. These are bred in captivity and are one of the most expensive pet tarantulas you can get. Nobody knows (or admits to knowing)when they were captured, and supposedly they have only been seen in the wild twice. Once was in 1889, and then again in 2001, though a dead one was found in 2013 and was a good distance from where their habitat is thought to be. It is assumed that they are critically endangered. They are photosensitive, and flee from the light so even though they are vibrant blue they are good at avoiding detection (obviously, over 100 years avoidance!). They also kind of parachute like evil blue leaves when they feel threatened and want to escape. Their venom is considered "medically significant" and it can impact you for a week or even months after a bite.

I do not like spiders. I do not like this painting. I am unsure if it is because the painting just bothers me, or if it is because it isn't great, that is for you to decide. I refuse to only paint animals I like, even though that would still be a lot of animals. I appreciate spiders, and I prefer them to ants. I'm allergic to spiders and ended up in bed for almost a week when a teeny tiny jumping spider bit me so I figure I am allowed to not be a huge fan of spiders.

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