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#119 Amboli Bush Frog

Critically Endangered

Their faces remind me of the green-eyed bush frog, but the eyes are very different. They live in what several sites called "extremely disturbed areas" and habitat loss is their biggest threat. I saw one site talking about research done that showed the Amboli's young is preyed upon by Epomis beetle larvae. The young wander around on the ground which puts them at risk, so when they go up into the trees as adults they are safe. It seemed to be unsure if the beetle was a native, which would mean that most likely they can coexist just fine if everything else was good. If it is an introduced species, then it could well spell disaster for them. Introduced species are a very quick way to disrupt and destroy an ecosystem. This is not a life-sized painting, it is close to the double-life size that I am doing in the group painting, but I did not measure it.

If you can see where the Amboli's "hand" is, you can understand why I can't just fully paint one frog at a time. I am going to have them all interacting with each other. Most of the photos you see online of frogs stacked on each other, or stacked on other animals, are completely staged and may even involve animal cruelty. That is one nice thing about painting things, I am not going to be harming any animals to get my frog pile.

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