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#29 Long-snouted Tree Frog


Last of Frog Week

These are also called the Southern Whipping Frog and even the Sharp-snout Saddled Tree Frog. This is why I look animals up by their scientific name usually when I'm trying to research them. These supposedly have not been caught for pet trade at all, which is great news for the frog. Unfortunately they are losing habitat and are not able to handle environmental changes well, so they are still at risk. All three species in the genus are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Next week I've decided is primate week. I had 140 endangered species to choose from, and though I plan on doing several of them later I have narrowed it down to 14. I will have to start narrowing that list down some more too. I have 3 Lemurs and 2 Tamarins in the list but though I want to only do one of each, I am excited to paint every one of them. It will be hard getting these down to only 7, but I will absolutely add the ones that don't make the primate week cut onto my huge to-do list for later. Some of them I can't do, at least not right now. They are leftover from last year and are classified as Critically Endangered or Extinct. I may eventually add some of those back in, but right now I have so many Endangered animals to paint as well as other projects I'm working on, plus I've barely scratched the surface on adding all the animals into a database.

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