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#123 Kaikatti Bush Frog

Critically Endangered

These frogs have probably the least amount of information I could find out of the whole week. I could only find the SVL for males, 23-26mm, and I have no idea how big the females are. If it is like most frogs in this genus, they will be a bit larger than the males. They were described as having dark grey and dark brown blotchy markings with bits of lighter spots. They are another one with a "robust body". The majority of the pictures I found that were listed as being the Kaikatti were a pale yellow and gold, still blotchy markings but not at all dark. It seems many of the sites dedicated to identifying amphibians of that area have mostly user submitted images. It makes it very hard for me to be sure if the pictures are truly the species or not. Because of that, I try to follow the description more than the photos unless there is something that makes me feel more confident the photo is correct. I can't find anything else about them to say what it is causing the biggest threats, but I would bet it is loss of habitat like with the rest of them.

I couldn't do a group painting of any animal without having a few that are refusing to cooperate. I taught for some time at a pre-school and kindergarten. It is my time there that I am sort of envisioning in the group painting. A group of very different individuals stuck together and expected to behave in spite of their desire to explore and do their own thing. With the school I taught at we had a kid who was learning geometry and trigonometry, and another child who insisted that she should be allowed to eat glue. When I was little, I was one of the weird kids. I was reading constantly, always creating things, and I was very shy. I loved school most of the time, but I did not have many friends until I went to University. I was happiest not being called upon in class, even when I knew the answer. In University I stayed in my dorm room at first, looking out the window most of the time. I was pretty sure I'd get bullied again and just didn't want to risk it. Then, three guys from Puerto Rico decided to make me their project. They told me they wouldn't tolerate me getting bullied and they had my back. At their suggestion I started braving talking to people. I was still pretty shy, but I was at least willing to chance meeting people. Then, after having kids I turned into a mama bear and also got to be very outgoing.

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