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#124 Shillong Bush Frog

Critically Endangered

These are also called the Xmas Bush Frog. They were discovered on Christmas day back in the 1970's. They also have a vague X shape on their back. This is the last of my Bush Frog week. Apparently the frog babies that hatch are the size of a period (I don't know what font size). Fully grown they are only 15mm to 20mm SVL. Obviously that makes it difficult for people to find them when doing a survey! They have very fragmented populations in an area about 62 sq miles, and that territory is declining in quality and size.

This is probably the last of the life-sized paintings I am doing for a while. It makes my pencils not last as long for sure. I have to sharpen them constantly because otherwise the painting gets incredibly muddy. I have to use my smallest brush. It is size 20/0. I guess you can go as small as 30/0, and if I do many more paintings of itty-bitty things I will probably end up having to get one. In the meantime I'm making this size work. It is a bit tough for me with my bad eyes. I have to take my glasses off and get really close to the painting to be able to see the details I want to show. Then, if I want to look at all the reference photos I have to put my glasses back on. I have thought about getting eye surgery, but I am not willing to risk my vision, as bad as it is. I know it works well for some, but it isn't guaranteed. The idea of trying to paint while fighting halos in my vision does not sound appealing.

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