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#125 Anhui Knobby Newt

Critically Endangered

Starting a Halloween themed week. I'm starting with a newt, because "eye of newt, toe of frog" just makes me think of Halloween. This is a crocodile newt from China. They are considered critically endangered because they are located in only one small area. Their habitat continues to deteriorate too. They were first described, as far as I can tell, in 2017.

It is tough to paint something with black lumpy bumpy rough skin, at least for me when I'm using watercolour. Ok, with watercolour the heavily textured skin is a bit hard no matter the colour. I have no problems doing something like that with acrylics or oils, but watercolour is not my typical medium of choice.

I love Halloween and the costumes involved. I will try to share costumes I've made this week. The ones I've made for myself, I do not have pictures of. I'll start out with my kids though. I made part of the ninja costume, some of it is just store bought inexpensive stuff that worked with what I made. The R2-D2 costume though, used to be a laundry hamper. The top of the R2 arms looks a bit warped because I left holes for him to put his arms through. The costume went over rather well with neighbours.

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