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#126 Table Mountain Ghost Frog

Critically Endangered

I thought this worked really well for the Macbeth quote and Halloween, so I like to think this little one is named Macbeth.

The quote, in case you don't know the whole thing.

Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog, adder's fork and blind worm's sting, lizard's leg and owlets wing

I won't be doing something for each of these, but I figured it would be nice to start with.

This frog's tadpoles live in a total of 7 streams in an area up to 3sq miles in South Africa. The adults will wander from the streams and have even been found in caves. The tadpoles take about a year to become frogs, quite a long time in comparison to most frogs. They also have sucker type mouths to help them eat algae and hold on to rocks in the swift moving water they require. One of the big problems for them is their streams are getting clogged and destroyed because of pine plantations.

I have not forgotten the frog group picture, but I had to finish making my son's costume and that has been taking my time. I made every part of the costume, except the octopus button at his throat, and the gloves. The necklace doesn't show well, it is a crow skull I made out of the same clay that his cane's skull top is made of. The belt is mostly foam, as is the mask and hat. You cannot see the hypodermic needle I made him either, it is filled with a turquoise swirly looking liquid that is a mix of water, food colouring, and gold paint. No patterns used in this so I'm not sure I'd be any good at telling someone how to make one similar. I've never been good with following patterns. My husband thinks it is hilarious because I'm generally a rule follower, except when it comes to cooking where I hate following recipes, and crafting or sewing since I just never bother with patterns. he's standing on our stairs with 3 of my cameras I collect behind him. The far left of the frame, that one came with a flash, and it is a diffuser on the flash that is the weird plastic bag looking thing. I will throw together a black neck covering, and he'll be wearing a long-sleeve black shirt as well, so that he won't have the skin showing that he does now.

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