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#128 Horrid Ground Weaver

Critically Endangered

Another Halloween week addition. Couldn't not paint a spider of course!

This is England's rarest spider, and one of the rarest in the world. To start of, I do not know how many eyes they have. The majority of spiders have 8, but I couldn't find anything to confirm whether these do or not. I painted it with 8, but if they only have 6 or some really rare number like 2 or 3, I apologize to those who know these spiders best. This is a very small spider, less than a tenth of an inch long. They are not called horrid because they are awful (though if you've read my past blog posts, you'll know I'm not a fan of spiders). The horrid is from horridus which means shaggy or bristly. They have been found in 4 sites in Plymouth. They like limestone quarries. One site, possibly two have been destroyed because of development. The most recent site they were found was an industrial site.

I don't have any pictures of my favourite costumes I've made for myself. I think the first one I was really proud of was when I was in Junior High or High School. The requirement for the party was for a biblical costume. I didn't like to follow along with expectations of the typical no budget bathrobe and towel on the head kid's bible costume. Instead of dressing like everyone else, I went as a pyramid that year. It was a big huge costume I made out of a refrigerator box. The easiest costume I made was when I really had no time due to finishing up my senior thesis. I wore 3 shirts, and told everyone my costume was tri-Sara-tops. One year I made a "twisted teeny-bopper" costume. It was a typical poodle skirt outfit, but the poodle I made was hanging from a noose, not on a leash. I picked my kids up at their school dressed as "goth mom". I did goth make-up, had bunny slippers I took the eyes off of and sewed big X's on, had a black lace bathrobe and black and grey Tinkerbell pajamas. I had a black wig with tons of long hair that I put a couple curlers in. Thankfully my kids aren't bothered by me doing stuff like that. My favourite though was my "Evil Bo Peep" costume. I made a whole Bo Peep costume, complete with pantaloons. Then, I took a stuffed "Precious Moments" lamb, ripped the head off, made a bloody spinal column, and turned it into a purse. I had my hair in ringlets, and a big purple bow on a scythe. Some sweet elderly ladies saw me and said "Aww, how swe....aaargh!". I really enjoy taking something normal and making it a bit warped. Maybe next year I'll dress up again.

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