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#166 Rhytida Oconnori

Critically Endangered

I cannot find a whole lot about these snails. They are carnivorous, about 1.3 inches long, and only found in 2 locations in New Zealand. They are eaten by rats, hedgehogs, possums, and more. Along with apparently being fairly tasty to quite a lot of animals, pigs in the area destroy their habitat. They will hang out in the shells of a larger snail for security apparently, their own shells being quite delicate.

I use my phone to photograph all of these paintings. Eventually I may haul out my real camera, but I rarely touch it anymore because it is heavy enough to cause me problems with my back and neck. Usually I don't have to do too much work to get the picture to look pretty close to what the painting does. There is always some detail that doesn't show, but it is usually very close. For some reason, this photo is just not cooperating. It is one of those you really should see in person. Hopefully some day you can have the opportunity to see all of these in a show somewhere.

Today is my youngest's birthday. This picture is why I did a snail painting. The picture is very old and low quality unfortunately. It may not surprise you to learn that I have thousands of photographs I've taken, quite a lot of my kids even. I have filled up more than one computer in fact. My husband has moved our information onto a server, but I really do not have hours and hours to search for a picture from when my now 17 year old was in the low single digits. I may be biased, but I think I have absolutely adorable kids. I've never understood the dislike of redheads, nor the belief that they have a temper. This guy never even threw a temper tantrum as a little kid. He can get frustrated more easily than his older non-redheaded brother, but he's also not as emotional. He's creative and intelligent, kind and gentle spirited. I am very lucky to be his mom.

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