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#18 Diademed Sifaka

Critically Endangered

These are one of the largest species of lemurs, up to 14 or 15 pounds and 36 inches long if you include their tail...which is almost half their length. I would like to hear their warning call, it is described as a kissing sneeze. Sifaka are known as leaping lemurs and can leap 30 feet in trees. They live up to 30 years, but are typically killed by predators (human or otherwise) by the time they are 12. They mostly eat leaves from over 100 types of plants, and occasionally have to supplement with dirt possibly to negate the toxins from some of the plants.

I love this Lemur. The name is great and makes them sound all fancy, but they are just so goofy looking. They remind me a bit of Sid, the sloth from Ice Age with the buggy eyes.

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