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#200 Great Lake Giant Limpet

Critically Endangered

I think 200 paintings is a pretty big number, but I'm not doing a big painting or anything impressive. I had to drive for over 8 hours today, and on not much more than 3 hours of sleep. I wanted to make sure I would not let you down and miss a day. That doesn't mean I just threw this one out. In fact I did 2 versions, because I'm so tired I screwed up a little on the first one, so I had to redo it.

Most of the animals I've painted have their common and scientific name listed on the IUCN site. This only had its scientific name. I'm not sure its common name is recognized outside of Tasmania, but I am still using it because the people there should be the ones to decide the common name in my mind. They may be extinct unfortunately. They have been seen only rarely in the past 50 years or so, and only in the stomachs of trout. Trout are not a native fish for the Great Lake, and it is assumed they are the main reason for the status of the limpets. Though they are called a limpet, they don't look like what I consider a typical limpet. Freshwater limpets are only distantly related to saltwater ones. They don't have the simple conical shape, looking almost more as if they are a cross between a regular snail and a limpet, or are possibly related to a sorting hat. The half inch wide these are absolutely dwarfs other freshwater limpets, but when you consider the giant limpet from the Pacific Ocean, the 5 inches it can grow to makes half an inch seem rather tiny.

I would love to share about my son's drumming he will be doing, since that is the reason for our extra long drive. Honestly though, I'm just too tired. If I wasn't typing and didn't have up-tempo music playing right now, I might fall asleep. If I was like my mom when she was a medical transcriptionist, I might type out my dreams. Most of my dreams are really stressful and scary, so I'm not sure that would be something you'd want. On that note, I'm going to head to bed. Goodnight.

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