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#235 Charles Darwin's Frog

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 27

We would be sailing near the Andaman Islands at this point of our journey with Phileas Fogg. These frogs live in 2 spots, one on N Andaman Island and one on S Andaman Island. They are about an inch long SVL. There are at least 3 colour morphs, and I tried to make this one match one description that was closest to the colouration in one photograph I saw. Thankfully since this is more about the art, I have leeway. Otherwise I would probably be very anxious about this painting. They weren't described until 1998 by the way, so they were named after Darwin, not by Darwin.

Well, it looks like we have snow, but the white in the background is almost all ice. This is from this morning. The left of this picture is some twigs poking out of our rosemary. It looks as if the ice is trying to make some little flowers. The right side is our Japanese Maple. The dogs are so confused by this, they don't break through the ice at all when they walk on it. Our blind dog has been getting lost in the backyard. I think he must have been migrating by smell more than I realized, and all the smells are covered in a fairly thick layer of ice. A little melted today but it is going to be freezing up again tonight. Hopefully by Monday I will be able to get out and go shopping for my parents and in-laws like usual. I will be getting birdseed. We crushed up some peanuts and put out chia seeds, the little birds seemed happy enough with that. The starlings, or at least one of them, were still ok with the suet in spite of it freezing. It was really funny to watch them though, only one starling seemed to feel it was allowed the suet. It would get ticked off and stab at the others with its beak if they even seemed to be looking at it a bit too longingly. It would freak out and yell at them if they tried to eat it. Very greedy and rather chubby starling!

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