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#252 Horikoshi's Giant Mussel

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 44

This was a tough one and I almost decided to do a different animal. I followed at least 50 links that looked as if they might have information about the mussel. My first search, looking through all the links on 2 pages of search results showed me a lot of information about completely different mussels, but not even one mention of this one. Eventually, after a few hours of looking, I found one paper that mentioned them even though the paper was about a different mussel. I saw one picture that showed a bunch of these together, it was blurry, and the mussels were half buried in sand, but it was something. All I'm pretty sure about is that these were originally from one spot about 1/2 a mile down, off the coast of Japan.

I messed up my neck today. I was helping Hawaii Twin because some people came to buy her washer and dryer. At first the couple who was buying it tried to move it just the two of them. It started to fall off the dolly and I dove in to help catch it. I called my husband and had him bring my youngest with him. The two of them and the husband buying them managed to get the one in the truck fine. Then, they tried getting the other in the truck, and it almost fell off so I jumped in again and grabbed it. My back and neck are bad normally, but this was not a fun thing. I can't really look left, up, or down, though I can turn to the right still. I remember in high school my neck would give out semi-regularly. I would walk around school with my head tilted to one side and unable to move. I got teased for that, though it wasn't surprising because I was picked on all the time. I was a nerd who loved to do schoolwork and was dirt poor. I was nice to everyone and would have loved if they'd been nice to me, but I was used to being an outcast by then. I became the school store manager. That meant I had a job I could do every day during lunch hour so I didn't have to feel lonely that nobody wanted to eat with me. We didn't have a cafeteria because it was such a small school, just the store where kids could buy snacks, burritos, mini-pizzas, and that sort of thing. It was much more fun to be busy rushing around in the store than sitting by myself on at a picnic table while all the other kids sat together laughing. Once I got to university I turned into a social butterfly and was friends with everyone it seemed, but up until university I had a fairly lonely school experience. It was worst in high school though, because I started there after having been in home-school for a few years. I loved home-school, but it certainly didn't help me socially.

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